Bridge Nuggets

80k $bozo = 1 Gold Nugget NFT


With 80k $bozo tokens you can bridge 1 Gold Nugget NFT and vice versa.

The tokens go into an escrow and you can bridge back any time!

Bridge Nuggets

bozoHYBRID on Tensor

Get your bozoHYBRID Gold Brick on Tensor

The bozoHYBRID Gold Nuggets are now live and available on Tensor. Each bozoHYBRID Gold Nugget can be bridged for 80k tokens.
what is bozoHYBRID


Inventors of Hybrid DeFi

The first NFTxTOKEN hybrid innovation changing the game.
what is bozoHYBRID

bozoHYBRID - Inventors of Hybrid DeFi

The Solana Hybrid Standard

Introducing the Solana Hybrid Standard. SPL tokens can now be bridged to an NFT.

Want to go Hybrid? Get in touch!

What is bozo HYBRID?

Bozo HYBRID is the first NFTxTOKEN hybrid innovation changing the game and introducing Hybrid DeFi.

Allowing a two-way liquidity portal by coupling the NFT market and token market into one.

This has created the first deflationary NFT to ever exist.

We have also solved the OTC escrow trust problem through this innovation, but better yet solved the whale slippage problem through the NFTxTOKEN hybrid model.

All inscripted and immutable on the blockchain forever.

We are building out Hybrid DeFi, or as some have put it, DeFi 2.0.


1,000 bozo NFT's holds 800,000 $bozo tokens each.

1,000 x 800,000 = 800,000,000

Therefore total supply of tokens is 800,000,000.

The NFT can be swapped for 800,000 tokens and vice versa on our bidirectional bridge at any time, as many times as you want for virtually zero cost here.

The smart contract holds the NFT's and tokens in escrow automatically when you swap between the two creating a completely permissionless and trustless bridge.

This was a fair launch - free mint.

Distribution of NFTxTOKEN was fair, natural and organic all inscripted on the blockchain, including the $bozo ticker which can never be duplicated.

  • » No premine to dump on you
  • » No VC's to dump on you
  • » No pre-salers to dump on you
  • » No insiders to dump on you
  • » No influencers paid to dump on you
  • » No airdroppers to dump on you

BOZO Hybrid NFT SPL20 Token Inscription

Did we mention the memes?

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Get bozoHYBRID Gold Nuggets on

Hybrid DeFi

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BOZO Hybrid BenkBOZOnomics
BOZO Hybrid witepaper


Here at the Bozo Benk satisfaction is guaranteed. How can I help you ser?

BOZO Hybrid NFT SPL20 Token Inscription

Become a BOZO

Bozo Terminology

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  • Liquidity ➜ Bozoquidity
  • Brotherhood ➜ Bozohood
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  • Maniac ➜ Bozomaniac
  • Philosophy ➜ Bozosophy
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  • Democracy ➜ Bozocracy
  • Biology ➜ Bozology
  • Cappuccino ➜ Bozoccino
  • Macaroni ➜ Bozoroni
  • Inspiration ➜ Bozospiration
  • Formula ➜ Bozomula
  • Telescope ➜ Bozoscope
  • Dialogue ➜ Bozologue
  • Renaissance ➜ Bozonaissance
  • Architect ➜ Bozotect
  • Metropolis ➜ Bozopolis
  • Ventriloquist ➜ Bozoloquist
  • Hemisphere ➜ Bozosphere
  • Utopia ➜ Bozopia
  • Insanity ➜ Bozanity

To be bozotinued...

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